Pattaya bars Facebook Pages

Pattaya bars Facebook pages

An ever expanding source for Pattaya bars Facebook pages. If you are the owner, manager, or even just a customer you can submit a bar using the Add a Bar page. A few rules, but very simple – we will add bars, gogo bars and nightclubs that are in Pattaya or the close surrounding areas i.e. Nahklua, Jomtien, Ban Chang etc. The page MUST be active; in other words it must be reasonably up to date and posted to at regular intervals. We will only carry OFFICIAL Pages, not the Facebook generated ones or clones. Any questions, just Contact Us.

808 Club Walking Street

Alcatraz Agogo Walking Street
Angelwitch Soi 15

Babydolls Agogo Soi 15
Bunny Club Soi 6
Butterfly bar Soi 6

Camel Pub Ban Chang
Clock bar and restaurant Ban Chang
Club Electric Blue Soi 15

Dollhouse Agogo Soi 15

Foxy bar Soi 6

Gecko bar Soi 3 Beach Road

Heaven Gentlemens Lounge
Hideaway bar and guesthouse
Horny bar Soi 6

J Club Soi Bongkot

Kawaii bar Soi 6
Kit Cat Lounge Club

Le Pub Soi Diamond
Lucifer Walking Street
Lying Cow bar Ban Chang

Mistys gogo bar Soi 15
Mod’s bar Soi 6

Night Wish bar Soi 6

Offshore bar Soi 6

Pussy Club Soi 6

Retox bar and hotel
Retox Game On

Sapphire Club Soi 15
Sexy in the City bar Soi 6

Scooters bar Soi Buakhao
Scooters bar LK Metro
Scooters bar Soi 6
Club Sin Soi Bongkot

Toy Box bar Soi 6