Why you need a website!

Website or FacebookWhy do bars need a website? A question we are increasingly asked these days. We see so many bars who either have never had one, or are dropping them in favour of Social Media, mainly Facebook. Time and time again we hear “we don’t need a website, we use Facebook now”. WRONG; let me explain why! There are many reasons but the most important are as follows :

Starting with the blindingly obvious. Not everyone uses Facebook – granted the majority of younger people do but the bar business in Pattaya is so competitive most bars should not be ignoring customers of any ages

Even those who DO use Facebook do not always want to login to get simple information – if someone is searching (on say Google) for your address, or location map, they just want to find it quickly. They don’t want to have to spend time “logging in”, to anything!

Facebook can be fickle at times. Open 20 bars Pages and we would have a good bet the location map on at least three of them wrong. Even if you set it correctly they have a quirky habit of changing thus sending your potential customer out to the boonies and into some other bar.

MOST IMPORTANTLY – Facebook is not yours! if you manage your Facebook Page well you should not have problems. However, problems do occur – for example posts can be removed. Sadly posts can be “reported” and it is not unheard of for competitors to arrange for bulk reporting which can trigger Facebook to monitor your posts at best, and remove your page at worst. The bottom line is – however well you run your Facebook page you do not own it and you cannot control it. With a website you have both ownership and full control.

Why you SHOULD have a Facebook Page!

Conversely, of course, every business should have a Facebook Page. It is a fantastic way of giving your information to a lot of people, quickly! It is also ideally suited for adding regular events, pictures, videos etc.

So what is the answer?

The answer is simple, you should have both. I would guess that 90% of bar owners who have either never had a website, or who let it lapse in favour of Social Media, did so for one of two reasons.

  1. Cost
  2. Ease of use, especially maintenance

Let’s consider both those factors.


Yes, Facebook is FREE. However websites these days are incredibly cheap. If you are creating a simple website, as we really suggest, you can get one made in Pattaya for under 4000 Baht, often a lot less. Domain renewal and hosting, for a small website, should never cost more than $25 (875 Baht approx’) a year. if you are paying more you are with the wrong host. There are also many free website builders available now, such as Wix, but we would not recommend these unless you really know what you are doing. You do NOT need anything fancy, you are just giving people the information they want, quickly and clearly.

Ease of Use

Often we are told people do not want to maintain a website; and this is a valid argument. However, if you are talking about a small brochure site there is little to maintain. You CAN use Facebook for that! All you need is a site that gives people the information 90% of people searching are actually looking for i.e. your address, your contact details and how to find you.


No one doubts the power of Social Media, especially Facebook. We would encourage everyone to use it! However, the common “objections” to having a website simply do not make sense. In short its a cop-out! Every bar, indeed every business, especially in Pattaya needs every customer they can get. Missing out on just one, for the sake of 875 Baht a year, just does not make any sense.

Don’t cut corners guys and girls – if you are not marketing your bar don’t be surprised when the customers go elsewhere.

Do we make websites?

Yes we can – but there are many others who can also. If you do want to enquire about where you can get a website quickly and cheaply please contact us. Use a free one, if you must, but do something!

6 thoughts on “Why you need a website!

  1. Could not agree more. Just look at the very busy bars in Pattaya, then look at the bars who are advertising heavily. There is a very obvious correlation between the two.

  2. Never ceases to amaze me how many businesss here dont have websites, many dont have a Facebook Page either. Then they sit and moan how quiet Pattaya is. As Jim says, just look at
    gars that that are booming, be they big or small, and they all have online presence. Facebook is FREE ffs and 5k for a website would be money in the bank, over the long term at least.

  3. Way too many bars here cutting corners. Decent marketing can be had for under 25,000 a year, yes 2000 a month but only the savvy few do anything even close to that.

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